Four Surprising Facts About Gambling


Gambling is one of the things which most people do either legally or illegally. There are great things to know about it from history, which may amaze you in many instances. In this article, we will get to know four astonishing facts about gambling.

1)Would you believe that someone can put his wife as the wager in the betting?

It happened in the history of India. According to the Indian book Mahabharata, Yudhishthira once got an offer to play ’causeth’, a kind of dice game, by his relatives ‘The Kauravas’. In this game, Duryodhana along with his maternal uncle ‘Shakuni’ gambled with magical dice. But Yudhishthira did not know it. After losing all his wealth and properties, he was excited to keep his wife ‘Draupadi’ as the wager, though his brother tried to stop him he did not listen to them and kept Draupadi as a wager and lost her. This incident prepared the main plot of the epic war of Mahabharata.

2)Do you know how your favorite Burger came into existence?

It all happened due to one gambling game. In history, there was a gambler named John Mangru. He was so addicted to gambling that he used to miss his foods and drinks also when he was so much involved in betting. Due to this, his health was going bad. So his servant made a plan to feed him at the same time while gambling without interruption in gaming. He kept some stuffing in between the two pieces of bread and fed him. In this way, the Burger came into existence.

3)Now can you believe that just because of gambling some beautiful and world-famous construction has to be reconstructed?

 It happened in Las Vegas when the grand MGM entrance was reconstructed. Initially, it was in the form of a huge golden lion. People of China were not considering it right. According to them, while going through the mouth of a beast before gambling is a sign of bad luck. That’s why the entrance was reconstructed.

4)Can you imagine how a person can win and lose the massive money in no time?

In the history of gambling, there is an incident in which a man went to gamble and won a considerable amount of millions of dollars in gambling. But just as quickly made money, so he lost the same on the same night during another gambling.

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