Types of Casino Online Tournaments and Rules

Casino Online Tournaments and Rules

Major casino operators offer different tournaments to join, win cash prizes, and have fun

Many trustworthy operators and casino schools offer online poker tournaments to win big cash prizes. Some also feature non-cash prizes such as branded merchandise while others advertise a good mix of non-cash and money prizes. Below are the types of tournaments you will find and some general rules to read more about before you join a tournament.


There are different types of competitions to look into, including multi-table and single-table tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $10 to $300 or higher. Other varieties are satellite and freeroll tourneys that feature guaranteed prizes. These are a good choice for players who wish to improve their skills and master a good tournament strategy. Other types of competitions include shootout, bounty, deep stack poker, and knockout tourneys. Knockout tournaments, for example, are like the sit & go and MTT varieties that feature a split pool prize, one portion being distributed among the participants and the other being added to the overall total. There are some differences, however, and one is that whenever you knock out another player, you are offered the chance to increase your chip bankroll. There are bounty tournaments as well whereby participants are rewarded for eliminating competitors. With deep stack tournaments, participants start playing with more chips compared to the size of blinds. Thus they may have 30,000 chips instead of 5,000 and blinds of 50/100 instead of 25/50. Another option for pros that want to play poker online is to join a shootout competition whereby they have to win their table first before they can move to the final or next round table. Finally, satellite tourneys are another variety and a type of a qualifying event at which winners are offered the chance to participate in prestigious major events with big cash prizes. Land-based events are typically reserved for high stake players but most such tournaments are held online. There are also platforms that feature tiers of satellites, which involve moving from lower to higher level tiers.


Organizers post rules regarding blinds, limits, seating, and other details. A change of seat is typically not allowed once the tournament starts, the only exception being as assigned by the director. Blinds and limits are increased at specified intervals. Absent participants are dealt a hand that goes toward the forced bet, antes, or blinds. When participants are eliminated, tables are broken, and the players that have been initially assigned to them are moved to other tables. The number of players assigned to a single table depends on the number of tables. One player will be assigned per table when there are 6 or less tables. If there are 6 or more, then two players will be seated. A redraw of seating takes place when the number of tables is reduced to 1, 2, or 3.

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